Mikvah, and all the activities connected with it, reunites a wife with her husband. But it accomplishes so much more.
It revitalizes feelings of closeness and brings renewed vitality to her relationship with her husband as well as to her Creator.

It revives her own soul.

What are the colors of the soul? *

 Rabbi Yosef Y. Schneersohn, the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, wrote:
Blue expresses our awe at the infinite greatness of the divine. All the immense universes described by astronomers are as nothing compared with G-d, Who is boundlessly infinite.... beyond the world. This idea induces a sense of awe:
Yet Chassidus explains that the greatness of the Divine can also invoke a different feeling, a passionate thirst to connect with G-d, beyond the world, beyond life itself...
a fiery love of G-d:
The combination of these two feelings, leads to a sense of how tiny one is, an awareness of how pitifully little one lives up to G-d's grandeur. From this perspective one looks at one's own self with mercy, as if from a remote height: poor little self, so lost on thinking only about its own ego.
This is a mixture of blue and scarlet which makes
Yet there is another kind of love of G-d. Not the fiery lovebeyond the universe, but love flowing like pure water, aware of the intimate, caring closeness of G-d and of G-d's love for us.This warm sense of 
loving-kindness is 
These are the colors of the soul.* 
And these are the colors of this blog.

All of these feelings are reborn with the immersion in the waters of the mikvah when you become united with its divine waters.
Toward one's husband, one's Creator and oneself.
And since our relationships are formed like water reflects the image of the one looking into it, the expression of these feelings will be reciprocated.

Following with care the Divinely given laws assures a divine experience, right here on earth. 
And will reveal the beautiful colors of your soul.

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*Sefer HaMamorim 5708, pp.141-145, taken from Chabad Research Unit, Parshas Teruma, 5771

In loving memory of Melech ben (he should be well) Mordechai Shmuel, 
May his soul have a lichtige Gan Eden.
In the merit of Sarah Masha Bas Baila Rochel.
For the merit of MMJ.